Distribution work for Open. Comapany ethos for Crysallis

Distribution plans/Budget for the open pitch


  • It would involve word of mouth distribution mainly, using adverts to attract that target audience that would be most likely watching the show and then word of mouth to attract a further audience.
  • This means that it is very much more built on its reputation.
  • Like the idea of using things like flash mobs and publicity events to get people talking about the show and hopefully this will be converted to ratings.
  • Would be aimed at people who use applications like Netflix and Hulu
  • Online distribution would be best for accessing the youth audience that increasingly watch TV online.
  • Shows like Boardwalk Empire, Peaky blinders show that there is a definite audience out there this type of historical crime drama. The difference between ours and there’s that ours is more progressive as there is a female lead character. We hope that this will help attract a younger more progressive audience for our show.
  • The codes and conventions, how it looks are already established to the audience.
  • Like with hit Netflix shows such as House of Cards after the initial viewing online on a subscription service more traditional modes of distribution like DVD release would further increase the outreach of the program outside of its aimed demographics.
  • Could be a possibility of selling the rights

Hulu Plus: preferred platform. Why it would be a good distributor.

  • Might be a great opportunity for Hulu to get a step on their competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime by starting to create their own original content. People don’t know that they have created award-winning content
  • This and funding could be partly achieved through crowd funding.
  • Hulu draws in all sorts of audiences because of the nature of its business model in the way that it shows lots of shows from lots of different networks. This is an advantage rather than a disadvantage as it could get people outside our targeted demographic interested in the series.
  • East Los High draws a core demo of women ages 18-24; part of the U.S. Hispanic audience that currently has a purchasing power that tops $1 trillion
  • Hulu has from its founding in 2008 grown to 5 million subscribers, with more than 50% of its subscribers watching on second screens like ipads and smartphones. So we are looking at a tech savvy and social media conscious audience. Compared with Netflix this is much more substantial growth.
  • Users stay on Hulu for about an average of 50 minute per session.

Channel 4 would be our target distributor in the UK. Its broad range of programming from things such as


Crystallises arts pitch: Core values.

What makes us different? Why should they pick us from the rest of the other? We offer more than an idea or a film, we offer a service,

  • The company’s core value.. We are willing to look at the creative work over any kind of mainstream. Because we see that it has potential.
  • You’re not getting people who are just looking for the next job, you are getting people who are learning all the time, who are looking for that next thing , that next thing that excites us, we want to show how great the world is, give recognition to the people who we think deserve that recognition .
  • We take the risk on this art.
  • We see the problem and think that we have the solution to your problem.
  • We may have not had lots of filming experience, even though this term a number of us have completed 10 minute short film.
  • I imagine other production companies would pass this down in favour of something more well know.

Believing in creativity over experience




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