1st idea for open pitch

Hypothetical pitch: 1st idea.




  • TV series/web series:
  • Episodic format
  • 12 episodes; continuous story. (like Game of Thrones)
  • Sci-fi Noir crime thriller.

Setting: A world that is radically different but clearly relatable to our own.

  • Sci-fi future. (Couple decades in the future? 2053?)
  • Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities have merged into the world largest metropolitan area. This is the main setting for the game.
  • Dystopian/ Most people believe utopian in the universe.
  • Metropolis (1927) city design
  • Mainly set in the poorer areas of the city.
  • Big mix of western and Chinese cultural influences.
  • The balance of governments and TNC’s are at a turning point.
  • Corruption is rife
  • Environmental desolation after decades of environmental neglect on a enormous scale.


  • A woman. She is in the wrong place at the wrong time? Bartender.
  • Rough background.
  • Used to be involved in crime, trying to get a fresh start. Wants the quiet life, her past comes back to haunt her.
  • Revenge to tie up loose ends.
  • She gets attacked; she is severely injured. A scientist sees this as an opportunity to start a second great leap forward for mankind by creating the first physically augmented person. (Augmentations exist but are more like exo-suits, they are wearable accessories and are not part of the person.)
  • Gets involved in something much bigger than herself.


  • TV: Syfy, HBO?
  • Online: Netflix
  • 15 rating. Bit of blood/lots of violence./ Some swearing.

The like of Game of thrones and Breaking bad shows there is a big audience for high budget drama. And while there a web series/comics/anime’s and video games there has never been a mainstream cyberpunk TV series. Why is this?

  • Look at Game of Thrones audience.


  • Good and Evil not so black and white.
  • Bad decisions are made which effect people.
  • Her action have unintended consequences,
  • Age 25-30
  • Half Chinese/ half American
  • Above average height (5f 5in- 5f-7in)
  • Has street cred.

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