Social Media Strategy:Open Pitch

Social media strategy:

Our aim with our social media strategy is to create a buzz about the content we are creating, thus getting them interested and watching the program. The second phase is to keep their interest with the show, its characters, the universe etc.
Phase 1:
Use of public events such as Flashmobs to create a buzz around our product. It would give our audience something to talk about and let them initially know that are product exists.
Along this same line projectors could be set up at busy times of the day for commuters such as at Kings Cross.
Getting the unwitting public involve could also help move things along.
This use of viral marketing,
This would be supported along traditional media advertising like broadcast Adverts,

Phase 2:
Reddit AMA’s (Ask me Anything) with leading actors, producers, directors. Letting the audience have direct dialogue with leading members of the production will make the connection between them seem more personal and direct and make the audience feel like they mean something to the brand, so would be more willing to stay on and see what else the brand has to offer.
Use Twitter to engage with the audience, the account could ask a question which the audience could respond to said questions.
Get Hash tags trending on Twitter. Hastag will be included in everything from the viral marketing to the conversation happening on Twitter.
Companion app. Could be used to explain the time in which our characters live through, explain things like the history of the IRA, Irish independence, civil war etc. These topics could take time for the audience to understand and so the app could be something that could help with this.

Active social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and a companion app.
(18% of internet users in Ireland use Instagram)
Maybe even use Snapchat as well.
QR code, snapchat it, links to exclusive website (exclusive behind the scenes pics, videos etc). People start talking about it, people want more involved and so more people join up.


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