Pitch Research


Late 1920 – The Irish War of Independence has reached its adolescent period; there are talks of a treaty between the Irish and the British causing fears of an Irish civil war. Darcy Collins, a young woman flees to Manchester, England to escape her overbearing Nationalist family but in a testing period she must choose a side, even if it is against her best judgement.


  • TV Series/Web Series
  • 12 Episodes
  • Drama


  • Late 1920 (December)
  • Manchester, England and Dublin, Ireland
  • Set in area of crime and corruption

Character Traits;


  • TV – BBC/ITV/BBC America/Sky Atlantic
  • Online – Netflix/Amazon Prime
  • 15/18 Rated (Blood/Violence/Religious Content


Open Pitch


From the link above you will see that while there are many female leads within TV programmes, there aren’t many that appear in our genre or our time period that we are aiming for. The only character that comes close is Violet Crawley (Downton Abbey), however she is an elderly character and we thought that with our lead character (Darcy Collins) being much younger then we would be able to attract a wider audience, making our show better than most.


Looking at the link above, you can see that Peaky Blinders was a huge influence on us when we were creating the idea for the show. The fact that the show is based in a similar time period as our show and that it also has the IRA in it shows us that our show could be a huge success. We would follow what Peaky Blinders has done as well, making it available on formats like Netflix, after appeared on TV first.


We would of course want to attract as many people as possible, so had to change the name. (Ben will go into more detail)


Feminism would also play a big part in our viewership. Lack of lead female roles which links back into social media – there would no doubt be a major response from feminists attracting a wider audience. Word of mouth, magazine deals, newspapers. (TV MAGAZINES, will want to talk about the fact that our show is original, breaking the habit of making women the damsel in distress.)

Chrysalis Arts Pitch




These are the two artists we decided to focus on the most. The reason behind it was because they are quite different from each other. The huge contrast between the two, this way the student would be able to learn a variety of techniques. Also talk about the artists’ personal lives, how they’ve made this their career and if it isn’t, what do they do/what inspires them to produce their work. All of the techniques that the student learns will link into the format of our programme, which will be very educational.

Hester Cox

yo yoo

John Creighton

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More research for both pitches

Chrysalis arts pitch research

We decided to esearch the success of Catfish TV show & film and the Artefacts documentary directed by Jared Leto. Catfish shows the lives of people starting relationships over social media, even though they have never met and using fake profiles. While Artefacts is a documentary about the band “Thirty Seconds to Mars, who have to deal with a 30million dollar law suit battle with the label EMI. (Below are some links to research)





Though Catfish and Artefacts have very different stories, the one thing that is similar is they are very personal stories, and this is something that our group Frame to Frame productions are focusing our documentary on. We are doing a day to day life of the artists we have selected, so it is going to be filmed very personally and fitting to them. We will show the work they have produced, and small little interviews with them. This is similar to Catfish, because this deals with people’s relationships personally and with Artefacts as that is very personal to the band and is filmed that way.

Catfish has been really successful as it’s been renewed for a fourth season and the ratings are fairly decent, this is after the success of the film Catfish, which was however criticized, and liked and did inspire the TV series for Catfish.

The film was well received by critics; it holds an 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the site’s consensus being “Catfish may tread the line between real-life drama and crass exploitation a little too unsteadily for some viewers’ tastes, but its timely premise and tightly wound mystery make for a gripping documentary”  ref( http://whatfilm.com/film/catfish/45390)

Artefact had its world premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival where it received the People’s Choice Award for Best Documentary. Critics praised the examination of the state of the modern music industry and its focus on the relationship between artists and record companies.

We have taken a lot of inspiration from this film as it focuses on the relationship between artists and record companies, with our documentary focusing on the relationship of the artists and there art work. But the main aspect of this research is to focus on the personal story aspect of documentary filming.

further research for Beautiful Losers and a day in the life of an artist

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Live brief pitch research

Target audience

We are aiming our TV series at both female and male audiences, because we wish to have major success and interest in our show. We are aiming at men who will be intrigued by the content, and the fact they have a woman lead to look at, hopefully not just for the sexual attraction but also so they can connect with the story and with what the woman goes through during the show. We are also aiming at female audiences because of the fact we have a female lead, and because they may also have a connection to the story and feel the emotions of what the woman has to deal with in the show. We also feel that the female audiences will be attracted to the supporting actor who is going to be male, so they will also have that sexual attraction and interest in the male character.

There are not many shows with a female lead other than Broad-church, Silk, Revenge and some others, so we are hopeful that the female audiences will take interest more in this show because of that aspect, of having a female lead. Shows set in the 1920’s such as Peaky Blinders and Boardwalk Empire have male leads so we want to be different and have a female lead that is strong and great in her role.

The age range we are aiming at is 18 year olds upwards, because we are going to have a lot of violence which will not be suitable for younger audiences than 18 and there will also be strong language which may be inappropriate for younger audiences. We are aiming at audiences 18 and over for that fact they may be interested in learning about the IRA and life back then, and they may also be interested in the content. We are also aiming at older audiences who may have experienced times back then or have relatives who were around during the 1920’s who have shared experiences with their family members. Audiences love crime and a good story so we are hopeful audiences would like our TV show.

(Further links that we have used for research are below)













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